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Opportunity for teachers in Africa

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Opportunity for teachers in Africa
by Admin User - Friday, 3 January 2014, 9:04 AM

My former student in Copenhagen, Søren Dalsgaard, studied at Africa International University (AIU/NEGST) in Nairobi, Kenya, and he has just published a very interesting recommendation of PLOTLearner/Bible Online Learner on Facebook. He is forwarding his personal recommendation to alumni who are now spread all over Africa and involved in theological education and Bible translation in Zambia, Burkina Faso, DRC Congo and Nigeria or doing their PhD’s.

If you are interested in promoting the new learning technology in Africa, do not hesitate to forward Søren Dalsgaard's message and to contact him or me. Perhaps we could rally some interest for offering intensive courses in Nairobi or other countries in the future.

I can offer to travel when my teaching obligations at my college and my research permits me to travel, and when I have the means to go. My primary goal is to get Hebrew teachers from several institututions and countries to meet and collaborate on sharing teaching material and class experience because this can foster a very important life-long learning process as facilitators of students.

For more information, you may also want to read the vision 2014 - from Madagascar and Malaysia to the end of the world!

I urge you to consider Søren Dalsgaard's recommendation of Hebrew learning technology for Africa.


“Dear friends, former classmates, and faculty members at NEGST/AIU.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. I pray you’ve enjoyed the Christmas celebrations and have had a good break and maybe also a bit of rest from your various duties.

I’m writing to you to introduce a great tool for students and teachers of biblical languages: PLOTLearner. My former teacher in Old Testament here in Denmark, Nicolai Winther-Nielsen, recently received the professorship in Old Testament & Information- and Communication Technology (ICT) for his work in developing PLOTLearner. It is a really helpful tool with high academic and user friendly quality.

Nicolai Winther-Nielsen and his team has developed the software specifically to help students, teachers and institutions who have limited access to learning materials and resources. The really good news is: The software is absolutely FREE which makes it ideal for people who are working with biblical languages or involved in theological education across the African continent.

PLOTLearner is a software designed for students and teachers of the biblical languages at all levels. Features include:

  • Support for biblical Greek and Hebrew.
  • Automatic generation of grammar questions (or a facilitator can create his/her own exercises).
  • It displays the biblical text with grammatical annotations.
  • Provides local and remote statistics about learning progress. This helps a facilitator monitor each student’s progress.
  • It contains links to relevant pictures and other supporting material.
  • It can generate quizzes that can be uploaded to the famous teaching portal Moodle.

Besides testing the tool in Denmark and Sweden, the software has also been tested in a number of theological institutions in Madagascar with great success. The developers of the software are now partnering with mission organizations in Denmark in an attempt to spread the good news around the globe.

Nicolai Winther-Nielsen wants to offer free introductory courses for facilitators and institutions who are interested in using the software in their various learning environments. His motivation is his passion for Scripture and for helping theological students and educators of the biblical languages around the globe.

My question to you is therefore: Would you or someone in your network be interested in having Nicolai Winther-Nielsen come to your country and offer an introductory course on how to use the software?

I hope you will help us spreading the news by sharing this opportunity with people or theological institutions in your network who might be interested in the tool. Please feel free to contact me in case this sound relevant to you or you have any further questions.

Blessings from Denmark,

Søren Dalsgaard,Mjølnerparken 42, 4. tv. 2200 Copenhagen N - send email: Mobile: +45 30 20 82 47