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PLOTLearner adopted by new Talstra Centre

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PLOTLearner adopted by new Talstra Centre
by Admin User - Monday, 6 May 2013, 4:00 PM

On May 3 2013 professor of Bible Informatics and Old Testament, Eep Talstra, was succeed by professor Wido T. L van Peursen.

Professor van Peursen celebrated his inauguration by inviting an international team of scholars to contribute to the two-day long Workshop Electronic Tools in Biblical Hebrew Teaching and Research. The participation of EuroPLOT workpackage leader Nicolai Winther-Nielsen was funded by Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion.

EuroPLOT can now proudly announce that PLOTLeaner is now officially recognized by the new Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer which is part of the Network Institute. In his inaugural lecture professor and new director, Wido van Peursen, marked the new era for data-driven research and teaching at the Vrije Universiteit by officially opening this new Talstra Centre which among will promote the use of the Hebrew database for teaching through PLOTLearner.

His predecessor professor Eep Talstra pioneered the construction of a database of the Hebrew Bible and shaped a new field of corpus linguistic analysis of Biblical Hebrew. He founded and directed the Werkgroep Informatica and was in 2002 endowned with the first chair of professor of Bible and Computer at the Vrije Universiteit. Wido van Peursen as his first public act in succession has now honored this desthinguished achievement by placing this work into the new framework of the Talstra Centre. 

The first part of Nicolai Winther-Nielsen's FileKey note speech at Electronic Tools Workshop in Amsterdam May 3. is available as a screencast video. Other parts of the worshop is not made available to the public. During the workshop, the chair Dr Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman demonstrated how a new user can perform  a test in PLOTLearner. Winther-Nielsen presented his work on implementing persuasive technology in the edcuational system of the Lutheran Church of Madagascar. Dr Oliver Glanz of the Talstra Centre gave a very insightful response with feedback on using the PLOTLearner for teaching advanced Hebrew at the Vrije Universiteit.