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Plans for the BH Moodlle site in 2016

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Plans for the BH Moodlle site in 2016
by Admin User - Wednesday, 27 April 2016, 2:50 PM

The important news on development are always found in GLI's site news

This site will specifically focus on news on our Hebrew Bible projects:

  • The Persuasive Biblical Hebrew e-Learning was developed for use with PLOTLearner in 2013. This PC program was developed in the EuroPLOT project 2010-2013, but the PC program is not developed any more, although it is still fully functional. Since 2013 all new development is carried our for the online application Bible Online Learner, and it is possible to install this learning environment on server in a network without internet access. 
  • Nava Bergman is still developing Bergman eLearning
  • Nicolai Winther-Nielsen will in the Fall of 2016 develop and test a new version of 3BH- Beginners' Basic Biblical Herew for use in global settings from 2017 and onwards. We are still seeking partners and projects for collaboration.