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Global Learning Initiative develops open, free resources for Biblical language learning and interpretation driven by Bible Online Learner. We use the leading database of the Hebrew Bible developed by the Eep Talstra Center for Bible and Computer at the VU University in Amsterdam.

Take a look at the presentation of 3BH First Year Hebrew from November 2017.

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Available courses

3BH I has unrestricted GUEST ACCESS. It offers open access for beginners to the first 12 sessions of the Bereshit Basic Biblical Hebrew (3BH) course for Hebrew language learning based on Bible Online Learner.

3BH II is available for GLI partners. It teaches the basics of Hebrew Grammar from Genesis 1-3 in 18 sessions based on Bible OL, continuing 3BH I for online learners.

The 3BH III English Online course is being developed for use by off-campus students at FIUC-Dk who are supervised online by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen.

Grammatical resources for learners: only access through password

Deployment of PLOTLeaner in Madagascar January-March 2013

For PhD students at the Theological Faculty of the VU in Amsterdam

For Nava Bergman's students at Gothenburg University

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