Invitation for HEBREW TEACHERS: see how well your students can do!

Dear fellow Hebrew teacher! 

Do you believe your students could have fun learning Hebrew? Would they pour themselves a cup of coffee and then find tranquility in exploring the texts and practicing the new skills they learn?

If you like to see students experiencing this, you can run a test in your own classsroom. At random you select half of your class, say all from A-K or whatever, and then offer them the opportunity to enrich their learning in your class with the instruction in the 12 units in the 3BH part 1 which has guest access. If students want to participate in a test in your class, they can enroll their Google or Facebook accounts in this course with the enrollment key "GLITest16!". They can then log on in the same way and with the same key at These students will then provide data which can indicate how exercises in Bible Online Learner can improve their learning outcomes. You can tell them that they help you become a better teacher.  You can also tell them that they are part of an effort to help fellow students in poor countries to learn better. 

During this experiment in your class, you teach them as you would usually do and as if nothing has happened. This is important in order to secure the validity of the test. You then do your traditional test on your instruction on reading Hebrew, noun declesion and the regular verb in Qal for all in the class. It will work best after 60 hours of student work or what equals 2,5 ECTS.

After this test we can compare the learning outcomes in your class for students using the 12 3BH units and Bible Online Learner as well as your teaching with the others. By a signed contract, students participating in the test should promise not to discuss their  participation with their peers, because otherwise we can not tell the effect of instant feedback and assessment, or the sense of fun and pleasure from being tutored day and night by the Hebrew Bible!  In the 3BH course I explain how this works in detail in the following link:
3BH01 Introduction to 3BH and Bible OL 2016

An introduction to the new way of learning: video 17:24 minutes

As a teacher, you would NOT have to do anything but select the test group for the blind test and then do a normal mid-term test afterwards. In fact we get the most objective results if all receive the same class instruction.  I will help them online and handle the assessment. If they did not join or only used Bible Online Learner for a very short period, this is also an important result. 

I will of course give you credits for your contribution and secure the anonymity of the students. Do not hesitate to contact me for further questions, if you want to be part of this exciting learning experience! 

Last modified: Saturday, 29 October 2016, 9:12 AM