Let the Hebrew Bible drive your learning!

Global Learning Initiative develops open, free resources for Biblical language learning and interpretation driven by Bible Online Learner. We use the leading database of the Hebrew Bible developed by the Eep Talstra Center for Bible and Computer at the VU University in Amsterdam.

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Try out 3BH part 1: In 12 units covering 70 hours of student work you learn to type and read Hebrew and the core of the noun, verb and phrase! Bible OL supports inquiry and practice for learners (read more HERE). Teachers can use it to supplement their teaching (see HERE). Learners can use it as a stand-alone (see HERE).  

Available courses

The 3BH III English Online course is created for partner teachers and advanced students in online training by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen.

For online students from the Majority World. This course uses the texts used for Hebrew at University of Copenhagen and Fjellhaug International University College: Ex 3-4; 6,2-8,1. Jonas 1; 3-4. Job 1,1-2,13. Sl 25; 98: 121; 136. 3BH III.

3BH I has unrestricted GUEST ACCESS. It offers the first 12 sessions for beginnnes in the Bereshit Basic Biblical Hebrew (3BH) course moudules for Hebrew language learning based on Bible OL.

3BH II is available for GLI partners. It teaches the basics of Hebrew Grammar from Genesis 1-3 in 18 sessions based on Bible OL, continuing 3BH I for online learners.

Lær Bibelhebraisk ud fra Bible OL teksterne Ex 3-4; 6,2-8,1. Jonas 1; 3-4. Job 1,1-2,13. Sl 25; 98: 121; 136. 3BH III forudsætter basisindføring i hebraisk  (3BH I-II) og bestået eksamen.

Grammatical resources for learners: only access through password